6 ways your personality type can work wonders for you

Have you or your team ever taken a personality type assessment? Yeah me too! They’re nice and all but more often than not they lack a crucial component. A facilitator who you can trust, want to have dialogue with, and generate practical insights from.

To put things simply, a personality type assessment is a self-awareness tool. The most renown assessment is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a solid starting place for understanding your personality because it’s simple and it sticks. Many of us dislike the stuffy, overly academic jargon that can have us disengaged faster than people leaving work when the clock strikes 5.

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This tool, if used appropriately, can help improve your mind, habits, communication, willpower, and overall well-being. Self-awareness tools are not as simple as turning your responses from vague questions into a four letter combination that represents your personality. There’s more to it.

Think of your personality type as your own natural brand -- the brand of your psychological preferences. Here are 6 ways to make your personality type work wonders for you.

  1. Take on specific challenges

    No pain, no gain they say. It’s another cliche but it’s the truth. The unconscious part of your personality is your hidden, shadow self. This shadow is like not being sure what lies beyond the entrance of the cave. With a personality type framework in mind, you can get a good glimpse of that shadow self. Once you have that awareness, undertake challenges related to your hidden self to develop. For instance if you’re an ISTP preference, exerting a bit more willpower to have conversations with people about their stories, values, and aspirations can unlock new insights.

  2. Go out and collect contrast

    Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. You hear this all the time in finance with stocks, indexes, and portfolios to mitigate risk. Well the same principle applies to your network. Befriend people who are different than you so you generate a 10% return on life experiences. Try to be aware of when you’re being close-minded, maybe you cut off that one friend because they supported Trump or maybe you ignore that person in your family who often challenges your perspective. Learning from differences is just as important as learning from similarities. Go out and collect contrasting thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and life-experience for it can lead you to generating wisdom that may give you an edge in future situations.

  3. Build a growth mindset

    Understand that your personality type is only a piece of the puzzle. Your personality is not the only thing that defines you, it is one aspect among many. Remember that you are a combination of genes, memes, experiences, social circles, and a multitude of other factors. All of these pieces are in tandem with each other as you ebb and flow through an ever changing world. Being aware of your personal big picture while making daily incremental steps towards it will keep you on the path to fulfillment.

  4. Master your communication style

    Have you ever wondered why when you say something to that one friend they process it differently and give you an unexpected response? Your personality type can unveil a lot about how you communicate to others and even to yourself. Different preferences shape our styles. If you have an ENTJ preference then you’re likely going to communicate in a problem solving way that gets at the big picture. Identifying what’s wrong and discussing how to make it right. If you have an ISFP preference you’re likely going to communicate in an amiable, friendly way that connects with the heart. With an understanding of your preferences, communication mastery is not too far away.

  5. Show respect for people’s preferences

    Starting with self-discovery is a crucial first step that leads to going out and helping others. Because every person is the main character in their own story it is vital to show respect for their preferences even if you don’t like them. Showing respect for another’s preference is a highly effective way of winning them over. If you notice that your co-worker tends to process things in a detailed, concrete way then ensure that you communicate with them with that in mind. Showing respect is how we win more friends and influence more people!

  6. Be 100% confident

    The heart of your personality, which is the two middle letters in your type, is where the majority of your confidence is stored. So imagine if you weren’t even sure of what parts of your personality were at your core or not. It would create inconsistency and put your actions out of alignment with your thoughts which is a recipe for falling into fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Confidence comes from an understanding of something that you have knowledge of and experience in. It’s like when you have to take an exam, if you understand what is on it, you are more than likely confident in your ability to pass it. With your personality type, it can serve as a source of confidence in the tests that life will throw at you.

As a certified practitioner of the MBTI personality assessment there’s a lot of gems to be mined from diving into this kind of development especially as it is applied to becoming emotionally intelligent. I mean there’s a reason 88% of fortune 500 companies invest in this developmental tool. My service, Enmocean, is designed to help you apply this knowledge so life can be a bit easier. Explore with me and grow wiser faster.